Idea and Background

The new conference moosecon – Mobile Operating Systems Conference serves as the central access point for mobile development issues at CeBIT. Here is where developers of apps and frameworks for Android, iPhone, Blackberry and Windows Phone as well as for yet less common systems, gather for three days. Technical know-how, trends and new perspectives for the market of mobile platforms and applications are constituent parts of the agenda. 
moosecon is divided into two presentation areas: a public area presenting current mobile topics to the general crowd who are interested in mobile systems, platforms and applications, and a closed area for developers. Here, registered visitors get in-depth knowledge and practical instructions for development and marketing of mobile applications for consumers and businesses. 
„The particular benefit for visitors is the fact that moosecon offers two simultaneous perspectives: on the one hand a specialization on the typical view of developers on the other  hand overlooking the whole mobile marketplace at the same time, regardless of whether it favors Android, Windows Phone or another system“, says Boris Jebsen, creative director of moosecon and CEO of Mobile Seasons GmbH. The company organizes moosecon together with Deutsche Messe AG, while also organizing droidcon, the biggest international conference for developers and the whole Android ecosystem with a regular attendance of 1000 participants. „We assume that professional developers are going to work on multiple platforms in the future,“ says Boris Jebsen. „We created moosecon as a platform where creativity and fast communication which are typical for the developer-communities go hand in hand with business goals. moosecon helps developers to gain a better and reasonable view for business in the mobile sector.“ 
The Call for Papers for moosecon is still running until the 3rd February. Developers, Software-developing companies and those who are researching, producing or using mobile systems can submit their papers below: